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From Gematsu:

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia

Bandai Namco has released first screenshots and details on its upcoming 3DS Tales series crossover strategy RPG Tales of the World: Reve Unitia. Although there’s no word yet on release date or price, the publisher detailed the game’s overarching…

Rough Translation for the Tales of Alarm Clocks



Yuri Lowell [link]

Voice 1:"起きろよ。今日も"凛々の明星(ブレイブヴェスペリア)"の仕事は山積みなんだ。ぼやぼやしてっと置いてくからな。"
"Wake up. We have a lot of work to do for Brave Vesperia today. If you keep slacking off you’ll get left behind."

Voice 2: “いつまで寝てんだ。おまえのぶんのメシ、ラピードが食っちまうぞ? ほら、とっとと起きろよ。”
"How long do you plan on sleeping? Maybe I should just have Repede eat your share of breakfast? Come on, get up."

Voice 3:"朝だぞ。ほら、起きろ。はい、おはようさん。……んじゃ、今日もいっちょ、がんばりますか!"
"The sun’s up. Come on, get outta bed. Mornin’ …Alright, let’s get to it!"


Leon Magnus [link]

Voice 1:"僕は図々しく、かつ能天気に寝ているような……要するに寝坊する奴が大嫌いだ! 起きろ!"
"I can’t stand impudent, thoughtless… In short, I hate anyone who sleeps in late! Get up!"

Voice 2: “起きろ。起きろと言っている。……いい度胸だ。ティアラの電撃をお見舞いしてやる。……最大出力でな。”
"Get up. I said get up! …You’ve got a lot of nerve. How about I wake you up with an electric shock from the tiara instead. …At full power."

Voice 3: “起きろ。勘違いするなよ。僕は任務を遂行しているだけだ。不履行となるのはごめんだからな。今すぐ起きろ。”
"Wake up. Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m only doing this to accomplish my mission. I can’t stand slackers, so get up now."


Asbel Lhant [link]

Voice 1: “まだ起きないのか? 今日も予定があるんだろう? みんな待ってるぞ。ほら、起きてくれ。”
"You still won’t get up? Don’t you have plans today? Everyone’s waiting, so come on!"

Voice 2: “起きてくれ! 起きてくれって。おーい……こんなに呼びかけてるのに……起きてくれなくても、泣かないし。”
"Come on! Please get up. Ooooi… And I tried so hard… Well, even if you won’t get up for me, I won’t cry.""

Voice 3: “朝だぞ! え、まだ眠い? よし! 俺がおまえの睡眠を守るっ! あ、起こさなきゃダメなんだよな。”
"It’s morning! Huh, you’re still sleepy? Okay! I’ll protect you while you sleep! Oh wait, but I have to wake you up."


Milla Maxwell [link]

Voice 1: “起きろ。……ふむ、起きぬか。ならば四大(しだい)に起こさせよう。人間は痛覚に敏感だからな。……イフリート!”
"Wake up. …Hmph, so you won’t get up? Then I’ll just have to wake you with the Four Great Spirits. Humans /are/ very sensitive to pain. ….Efreet!"

Voice 2: “朝だぞ。早く起きないか。私はとうに自分の腹の音で目が覚めたぞ。ふふ、人間の生活は面白いな。”
"It’s morning. You’re not getting up yet? I woke long ago by the sound of my own stomach growling. Haha, the lifestyle of humans is really interesting."

Voice 3: “起きろ。私は行くぞ。……私には成し遂げなければならない使命がある。たとえお前を捨て置いても、だ。”
"Get up, I’m heading out. …There’s a mission I have to complete, even if it means leaving you behind."


Jude Mathis [link]

Voice 1: “朝だよ。たくさん眠ることはいいことだけど、眠りすぎは体のリズムを崩すこともあるんだよ。起きて。”
"Hey, it’s morning. Getting a lot of sleep is healthy and all, but sleeping too much will mess up your everyday rhythm. So get up!"

Voice 2: “わっ、朝だ! え、僕? ずっと本を読んでいたみたい。でも、君を起こせて良かったよ。おはよう。”
"Oh no, it’s morning! Huh, me? I’ve been reading a book this whole time. But I’m glad I could wake you up. Good morning!"

Voice 3: “ほら、そろそろ起きて! 支度しないと遅れちゃうよ? じゃあ朝ごはん作るから、しっかり食べてがんばろう!”
"Come on, it’s time to get up already! If you don’t start getting ready now, you’ll be late! I’ll make breakfast, so make sure you start of with a proper meal and do your best!"

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